Warning a Hearing

Warnings contain the date, time, place and purpose of the hearing and must be given 15 days prior to a hearing. The Warning must include: a description of project, instructions on where the public can obtain more information, and that participation in local proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to a subsequent appeal.

Warning Information

Warning Steps
Publish in Milton Independent Advertisement is purchased by Town Staff 21 days prior to hearing.
Post in At Least 3 Public Places in Town Planning Staff posts in the following locations:
 - Raj's Liquor and Beverage
 - Milton Diner
 - Kinney Drugs
 - Municipal Building Lobby
 - Planning Office
Property Hearing Poster Poster mailed by Planning Staff to Applicant for Posting in a   location visible from a public right-of-way.
Notify Owners/Applicants Postcards Mailed by Planning Staff**
Notify Adjoining Property Owners* Postcards Mailed by Planning Staff**

*An "adjoiner" is a person or organization which owns or controls land or easements on lands which physically abut the tract or tracts of land on which your project is located, including landowners on the opposite sides of highways, railways, and rivers. It can also include homeowner associations, utility companies, and others with significant legal interest in the project land.

**The Planning and Economic Development office mails a post card including a project summary; the date and time of the hearing; how to obtain more information; and appeal rights.