Town Clerk & Treasurer

Recent Changes, Effective July 1, 2019

Birth and Death Certificates - Effective July 1, 2019, valid ID will be required to obtain certified copies of birth and death certificates, and only family members or legal representatives will be able to request certificates.  See the Vital Records page for more details.

Land Record Recording Fees - Effective July 1, 2019, the fee to file documents in the town's land records has increased to $15/page, $15/PTTR & $25/map.  See the Land Records page for more details.

Town Clerk

The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for housing all the essential records of the Municipality’s operations. All records are filed, maintained, and made available to the public. Services provided by the Clerk’s Office include, but are not limited to, processing documents for recording in the Town land records, maintaining vital records and recording minutes of the various boards and commissions of the Town.

The Town Clerk is also responsible for all elections and maintaining the voter checklist for the Town. The issuance of dog licenses, copies of birth/death/marriage certificates, Green Mountain passports and Motor Vehicle registration renewals are also the responsibility of the Town Clerk’s Office.

Town Treasurer

The Town Treasurer is responsible for the collection of revenues for the Town and Town School District. The Treasurer keeps an account of all monies, bonds, notes and evidence of debt paid or delivered to him/her, and of monies paid out by him/her for the Town and the Town School District.

Accounts shall at all times be open for inspection by all interested parties. Monies received by the Town Treasurer for the Town can be invested by the Treasurer with the approval of the Selectboard and the School Board. The Treasurer shall maintain accurate records so as to provide historical facts for budgetary purposes.


The Treasurer’s records are available for audit purposes at any time. The Town and School District are audited annually by an outside CPA firm.


The Treasurer is required to post a bond, which is provided by the Town.